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(Singapore) To vomit copiously, especially following an more than-indulgence of Alcoholic beverages. This description of projectile vomit invokes the impression of the Merlion, a tourism mascot of Singapore resembling a hybrid of fish body that has a lion's head. A famed. statue of this mascot is a large fountain with h2o spewing from its mouth.

(U.K.) Short for Walter Mitty. Fantasists who lie with regards to their military services, usually pretending to get users or previous associates of elite units such as the SAS or SBS, or to possess taken section in military operations or fully commited acts around the battlefield which hardly ever happened.

target vulnerability indicator designating degree of hardness; susceptibility of blast; and K-factor

debarkation Regulate officer; Defense Hook up On the web; defense coordinating officer; defensive cyberspace functions; dial central Business

New types of packaging are being regarded to raised fulfill these requirements including the usage of zein to interchange the foil, that may be easily punctured, conducts heat, and it is reflective (which can give away a servicemember's place).[11]

scheduled theater airlift route;  delicate concentrate on acceptance and overview; standard attribute reference; conventional terminal arrival route; check here area-to-air Restoration; technique risk evaluation report

(U.K.) Regimental Admin Officers and people in similar desk-certain posts. The environmentally friendly polyester "barrack trousers" previously worn by Military Place of work workers did in truth acquire a specific glow on the seat just after prolonged contact with an Business chair.

Being aware of What’s on them: A great deal of insane stuff occurs in war zones, including the usage of some pretty nasty chemical compounds which can persist with almost everything.

The team of military personnel on 'Ill contact' or excused from duty for harm or sickness -- a 50 %-joking reference to malingering.

(Canada) The cap badge of a recruit inside the Canadian Forces, a brass rendition of the Canadian Forces tri-provider badge. In the resemblance of your badge in condition and color to your breakfast cereal.

2. The NATO phonetic alphabet abbreviation for Shit Very hot. It is considered superior praise which is the pilot's preferred and all-intent expression of acceptance.

battle aid Heart; Neighborhood assistance Heart; convoy guidance Centre; creeping line single-unit coordinated; Global Convention for Safe Containers

Then after we have already been weakened they can have their private armies in the UN and a few letter organizations including the FDA and the now very well armed Put up Workplace amid lots of Some others to finish The work the miscreant fools started.

field guide (Military); financial management; flare multiunit;  force module; frequency management; frequency modulation; practical manager

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